Custom Mirrors Calgary

Custom Mirrors Calgary

Whether you’re looking for Bathroom Mirrors Calgary, Bedroom Mirrors Calgary, or virtually any other room in your home or business, a well placed custom mirror can create the illusion of extra space and light. We can supply and install a mirror that will complete any space perfectly regardless whether you prefer the clean, modern look of Polished Edges or the more classic feel of Bevelled Edges to compliment your interior design.

The humble mirror is undoubtedly a bathroom necessity; however its use can go beyond its most obvious purpose. Mirrors can create a stunning effect and open up a room, even a kitchen backsplash as mirror reflects light and create space perception. Mirrors integrated into cabinetry can create extra storage and enhance the appeal of the wood grain. since Custom Mirrors Calgary

Polished Edge Custom Mirrors Calgary

Polished edge mirrors give an uninterrupted reflection giving you the maximum visual impact of spatial increase. The smooth clean lines provide a simple modern finish that fits seamlessly with any surrounding surfaces and decor.

We will help you revitalize that tired space or give your new project a light and fresh look with a Polished Edge Mirror. Moreover, we make the process simple from booking your obligation free measure and quote through to a professionally installed finished product.

Speak to one of our friendly helpful staff regarding your custom mirrors Calgary requirements and you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. since Two Trees Studio ecommerce


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Bevelled Edge Mirrors

Bevelled Edge Mirrors can help achieve a luxury classic feel. Available in various finishes with a range of bevel widths from 5 – 45mm.  Whatever your preferences, we can supply and install a Bevelled Mirror you’ll be impressed by every time you use it.

We will help you give that dull space a revamp or that new space a classic look with a Bevelled Edge Mirror. Bathroom Mirrors Calgary

Custom Bathroom Mirrors Calgary

Create the illusion of space. A well-placed Bathroom Mirrors Calgary can help give the appearance of more space. It reflects the room, making you think that your bathroom is larger than it actually is. A small, narrow bathroom can benefit from hanging a wall mirror, or you can even place a large mirror to make the room look spacious. Have a mirror in a bathroom to make it look expansive.

From bathrooms to hallways through to dining rooms or wardrobes, we can custom make mirrors to suit your requirements with precise workmanship and quality. Bathroom Mirrors Calgary

Custom Bedroom Mirrors Calgary

A mirror reflects light from natural source (sunlight), and man-made ones (lamps, chandeliers, candles, etc.). More natural light that comes in a room is great since you won’t have to turn on the lights to see clearly. It makes the room airy, and the more visible a room, the more spacious it looks. You can also save on energy costs since mirrors help illuminate a room during daytime.

A custom Bedroom Mirrors Calgary is a work of art in itself. If it is elegance and opulence that you want to achieve, then mirrors are one of the most ideal decorative elements you can use alongside beautiful furniture and pieces of art. Bedroom Mirrors Calgary

Custom Mirrors Calgary

Mirrors that Make a Statement

Mirrors can enhance your space in many ways; it all comes down to your personal style. When choosing the size and shape of the mirror there are countless ways to decorate your home or business.

Residential Mirrors Calgary

  • Make your living room look larger with a floor length wall mirror.
  • Add a bevelled round mirror just above the console table in the hallway for a quick check before you leave home.
  • Need a functional storage solution? Mirrored sliding cupboards are a great minimalist addition.
  • Match custom bathroom mirrors to other fittings such as the shower screens, tap, cupboard handles, and tiling. hence Commercial Mirrors Calgary

Commercial Mirrors Calgary

  • Install full-length wall mirrors in gyms and studios to cover a whole wall or multiple walls. The best way to achieve a seamless look is with frameless mirrors with polished edges.
  • Add long vertical mirrors in fitting rooms to give your customers the full picture of the apparel you’re selling.
  • Furnish your commercial bathroom with long horizontal mirrors above the sinks for a traditional look or add round mirrors for a more contemporary feel. Commercial Mirrors Calgary

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    So Why Choose Us?

    When getting a custom created mirror, you want to ensure that the product is up to standards and is fitted by a qualified person. The Action Glass team have been installing mirrors for more than 10 years, so you can rest assured that we’ll safely and accurately install your mirror. Safety and quality are our top concerns; we adhere to the Canadian safety and quality standards and only use the best materials and people in the industry.

    Furthermore, we will walk you through the whole process, offer tailor-made expert advice on the mirror style and size for your project, and ensure you are fully satisfied from the start to the finish.

    We deliver quality you can trust!

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    Clients in Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie and Chestermere know that we can provide them with a solution that fits their needs, budget and unique personalized bathroom style. If you want to finally have your dream bathroom, with our high-quality shower screens and panels, that dream can soon become reality.