Heritage Pointe Custom Shower Doors

Heritage Pointe Custom Shower Doors

If you’re looking for a provider of custom shower doors in Heritage Pointe, then you need to look no further than us. We at Custom shower Calgary manufacture our shower doors in-house and design using the latest available technologies.

Further, Custom shower Calgary specializes in the manufacturing and installation of frameless shower doors, shower enclosures and semi-frameless shower screens. Each one of our products is unique and will fit your needs. Our team strives to consistently exceed client expectations by providing innovative products, easy and flexible designs, and fast delivery.

Our manufacturing capabilities mean you can count on getting custom shower doors that you want in Heritage Pointe. We will manufacture your shower door to the exact specifications of your design. And since we manufacture the door in-house, we get it to you faster. Moreover, we offer the best customer service in the business. Visit us today and see how we can add to your bathroom design!

Heritage Pointe Bath Screens

Whether you want to remodel your shower, or build a new one, Custom Shower Calgary can make all the difference. We offer an extensive selection of bath screens and custom shower doors in Heritage Pointe at affordable prices. You can choose between a variety of materials and styles, including clear glass and frosted glass doors.

Further, if you want a better shower design, come to Custom Shower Calgary. We offer an extensive selection of bath screens that match your bathroom style, as well as high-quality materials and expert installation services. Our professional delivery services save you the trouble of having to go out and pick it up yourself. Moreover, we have helped many Heritage Pointe customers to design their dream shower screens.

Additionally, our Heritage Pointe custom shower doors are by far the best in the industry. And it will help you create a bathroom space that is both affordable and practical.


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Heritage Pointe Frameless Shower Doors

Can you think of anything more beautiful than a bathroom with frameless shower doors? And that’s exactly where we can help. As a Heritage Pointe custom shower doors company, it’s our job to make your bathroom beautiful by installing frameless glass doors in it. If you want your bathroom remodel project to turn out the way you want it, then we’re the ones for the job.

Over the last decade, our dedicated team at Custom Shower Calgary has perfected the art of creating frameless showers doors. We can help you transform your outdated bathroom into a more functional and beautiful space with custom shower doors in Heritage Pointe.

Further, if you are thinking of a way to spruce up your bathroom but are worried about losing space. If this is your situation, there is a solution right around the corner. You can easily fix this problem and make your bathroom look new again by adding frameless shower doors.

Heritage Pointe Semi Frameless Shower Screens

It’s been your lifelong dream to have a spa-like shower in your home. But you are worried about the cost of installation. Well, if that’s the case, we at Custom Shower Calgary can help. We are your local semi frameless shower screens and custom shower doors provider in Heritage Pointe. Our services include dependable, cost effective and stylish semi frameless shower screens you’ll find anywhere in Heritage Pointe.

Further, we are the best frameless shower doors specialists in Heritage Pointe because of our commitment to quality and customer care. Finding the right shower screen can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of clients come to us asking which shower screens are best suited for their theme. At Custom Shower Calgary, we believe in having a long and informative conversation with our customers and knowing their unique requirements.

Sliding Shower Enclosures

Sliding shower enclosures are the perfect addition to almost any modern bathroom. The classic look is sure to match almost any décor, while providing a spacious area for bathing or showering. And when you are ready to give your Heritage Pointe home a brand-new feel with custom shower doors, let us help.

Whether you want to convert the shower into a spacious dressing area or add storage space, sliding shower enclosures are your answer. Our team at Custom Shower Calgary in Heritage Pointe specializes in customizing these products to suit your bathroom’s décor. With distinctive designs and styles to choose from, we guarantee you high-quality sliding shower enclosures that will look great and add value to your space.

Further, get a sleek look and added functionality of sliding shower enclosures for your bath space at Custom Shower Calgary. Schedule a call with us today and we can discuss your dream vision.

So Why Choose Us?

So why choose us? Our team at Custom Shower Calgary prides itself on finding the perfect combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. Plus, we have over 10 years of experience! And we know what it takes to satisfy our customers when it comes to custom shower doors in Heritage Pointe.

Moreover, we are not just a shower door installation company, we help you create your dream bathroom. It’s a complex process that requires a unique mix of specialties, from design to installation. So, at Custom Shower Calgary, we have extensive experience in each area. Our designers will help you find the best layout for your bathroom. And our installers will ensure that every piece is properly placed and finished.

Additionally, through honest hard work and attention to detail, we create quality custom shower doors that fit nicely into your bath space.