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There are times when a standard piece of glass is either not the right size or not exactly what you are looking for. It is at these times that you require a custom-made piece of glass. We have a range of experience in working with clients and architects to design and manufacture unique, one-off glass.

Do you need glass doors and shower screens that are almost completely frameless to open up a space? Or are looking for specialist glass products to complete a design? Our team of custom class work in High River can help with it all.

Or maybe you are looking for a custom-made Bathroom Mirrors? Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom will add style to your bathroom design.

We supply and install an outstanding range of custom-made bathroom mirrors, that come with either polished or bevelled edges. Our bespoke mirrors are created to fit your needs precisely and so will complement your new bathroom fixtures and fitting perfectly.

Our mirrors are all Canadian-made mirrors that are notable not only for their strength and durability, but also their undeniable style.



Custom Frameless Shower Screens High River

Bathrooms, although we use them every day without thinking, are more than simply functional spaces. Rather, they are places of pleasure and pampering, where you get ready to face the day or unwind at its end. And, just as much as any other room in your home, they are a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. Good design is as crucial in your bathroom as it is elsewhere.

In most Canadian bathrooms, the shower is the focal point. Therefore, your shower screen should be a part of and complement your overall bathroom design. Our frameless shower screens High River provide great versatility and flexibility. Which means that they are integral to almost any type of design concept.

Frameless shower screens provide a uniquely sophisticated look to your bathroom. Furthermore, without the hindrance of a frame they also increase the sense of space and light. They can act as a centrepiece in themselves, adding a sense of elegance and luxury. Otherwise, they can be designed so as to highlight other fixtures and fittings through their understated modernity.

At Glass Pro Install we manufacture and install a range of designs and styles. Moreover, our High River frameless shower screens are designed to enhance the look of all types of Canada bathrooms, whether contemporary inner-city apartment, suburban family home, or well-established heritage property.however Custom shower screens High River, Custom Frameless Mirrors High River

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Commercial or residential, small or large spaces, we supply custom mirrors for every space and situation. Family owned and locally operated we have experience with every kind of mirror. Looking for suggestions, or a quote for your home or business? We are happy to help you tailor your mirror to your space and budget. Whether you need a mirror replaced or are hoping to brighten up your space, each mirror that we cut and install becomes a beautiful accent to its surroundings. 
Mirrors to your bathroom, kitchen splashback, wardrobe, behind a door, furniture and frames, the list is endless. Wherever you may want a mirror we can make it happen! Moreover, we custom fit all our mirrors to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s out of square, a complex shape, round or oval even a mirror with cutouts we can cater for all your mirror needs.
Please call our Custom frameless mirrors High River team  and one of our friendly and helpful staff members can assist you for all of your mirror requirements. Custom shower screens High River

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A truly beautiful shower screen can help to breathe life back into a tired bathroom and add value to your house. Whether you’re after a subtle frameless screen to maximise your bathroom’s lighting or a sliding shower door to save space, Custom Shower Calgary has custom designs to suit your High River home. We have modern and traditional designs available that take into account existing bathroom style, current shower placement, and space requirements, as well as budgets of all sizes. You can customize your shower screen in all aesthetic and functional design aspects. This includes choosing from framed, semi-framed or frameless screens to add a sleek appearance to your bathroom and deciding how you want your shower door to open. We offer pivot, bi-fold, sliding, quadrant style doors, and even completely doorless open-plan showers with fixed glass panels, which are also suitable as bath panels.

Frameless shower screens are a great way to add elegance to any bathroom and give it a more modern aesthetic. They help you make the bathroom look bigger by making the most of the available space and light in your bathroom while delivering a sophisticated yet effortless finish. Thanks to their minimalistic construction, frameless screens easy to clean and maintain and can help to increase the value of your home, making them an ideal bathroom solution for a busy family household or commercial property. We have plenty of designs to choose from, or we can even make a custom shower screens High River to suit any individual bathroom’s needs, budget, and style. Custom Glass Work High River, Custom Frameless Mirrors High River