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It’s not often that great architectural materials are designed to disappear, but that’s exactly what ours do. Our high-quality glass products are designed to let light in, make spaces feel bigger, and vanish almost completely. We buy our glass from the very best manufacturers, but we process and perfect our designs right here in our factory.

Do you need glass doors and shower screens that are almost completely frameless to open up a space? Or are looking for specialist glass products to complete a design? Our team of custom class work in Cochrane can help with it all.

We’ll design and manufacture glass products for your new home or renovation. Our team will even tell you how you can make your vision a reality. And what it will cost. So, for expert glass advice and a fast, free quote from plans or a site visit, contact us! Custom shower screens Cochrane


Custom Frameless Shower Screens Cochrane

Gone are the days when shower doors had heavy, chunky frames. These days, it’s all about frameless shower screens that float in the air. With a choice of hardware and many different design options, the only limit is your imagination.

Frameless shower screens look great, but that’s not the only reason they’re so popular. No clunky, chunky frames and crevices mean cleaning our glass doors is a breeze! There are many design options too. So, whether your shower is small and simple or luxurious and spa like, there are brackets, fittings, and options. Our team is highly skilled at designing, manufacturing, and installing all of them! Hinged, sliding and more, we’ve got them all.

Even the best made shower doors can lose their lustre thanks to poor installation. Or bad design and manufacturing can make your dream bathroom a nightmare. That will never happen when you choose our custom frameless glass systems, guaranteed. It’s why we’re the number one frameless shower screen specialist in Cochrane! however Custom shower screens Cochrane, Custom Frameless Mirrors Cochrane


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Custom Frameless Mirrors Cochrane

If glass lets light in, mirrors keep it moving. There isn’t a room in your home that won’t be enhanced by the right kind of mirror. Whether it’s a mirror backsplash in your kitchen or several mirrors in your closet or dressing room. Our mirrors are beautiful, purpose made, and made from safe, toughened glass. So, they look great, let you see all the angles, and are made to last.

Custom Shower Calgary offers a wide range of custom, designed, and manufactured for you mirrors for bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and more. We make mirrored outlet cover places, and full mirror walls for home gyms or dance studios!

In fact, no matter what you want to reflect, we’ve got the right mirror for the job. Our custom fit frameless mirrors are made to measure. We design, manufacture, and install mirrors for home and commercial purposes, and you won’t find anyone with more expertise! If you need any mirror for any project, call, or email, and get the best mirror service in town! Custom shower screens Cochrane

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Frameless Shower Doors Cochrane| Semi-Frameless Shower Doors Cochrane | Framed Shower Enclosures Cochrane

Everyone thinks frameless shower doors are simple. Until they start to consider the sheer number of options, designs, and engineering requirements. No two bathrooms are exactly the same, which is why we design our frameless shower doors for each project. We also do semi-frameless and framed shower enclosures, so you really do have all the options.

All our glass products, frameless shower doors, semi-frameless doors and others are made right here in Canada, to the very highest standards. We don’t cut corners to deliver the best glass products out there.

If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. You’ve landed on this page, so you’ve already taken the first step. Contact us today to discuss all the options and get a free quote. We’ve got the products, services, and expertise you need. Custom Glass Work Cochrane, Custom Frameless Mirrors Cochrane