Glass Railings Calgary

Glass Railings Calgary

Design has changed dramatically over the years. Where we were once left with limited options for things like railings, we now have almost endless options. Thanks to advances in architectural glass, one of those options is glass. If you’re looking for glass railings Calgary, you’ve come to the right place! We manufacture a wide range of glass railing options to suit every design.

Light, Airy and Modern

Glass railings are an easy way to open up a space. Instead of cutting off areas of your home, they let the light through, which makes your space look bigger. We make glass railings in a variety of styles to suit most contemporary design styles. Whether you prefer a more industrial feel, or something more rustic, there are options for everyone. With an in-house design team that knows more about glass railings than anyone out there, you’re in good hands! however Glass Railings Calgary

Glass Railings Calgary

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Safe Glass Railings Calgary

Railings take a beating. So you can’t use just any glass and fittings for glass railings. Our glass railing systems are made with the very best impact and shatter resistant architectural glass. It’s tempered carefully, polished to perfection, and completely safe to use in your home. So you can feel secure knowing that your new glass railings are perfect for your family. Don’t take chances with cut price glass railings! Get the best quality, and they’ll give you years of trouble-free service.

Indoor and Outdoor Glass Railings. Glass Balustrades Calgary

Glass railings aren’t just for inside your home. Yes, they will look great on your stairs and landings, but they’re just as great outside! In fact, a glass railing around a deck or patio is the perfect way to get a little protection without obstructing the view. Keep looking out from your balcony or pool, but make sure your kids, pets and guests are safe! Furthermore, glass railings are a great way to keep some of the wind out of the areas you entertain in. Glass Balustrades Calgary

Glass Railing Materials

When you think of glass, you probably just think of the clear glass you have in your windows. But there are a lot more options that you might want to consider! Maybe you want smoked glass, or an etched design. Maybe colored glass, or glass with a one-way view coating will work better. Whatever your glass railing design wish list is, we can make it happen! Glass Balustrades Calgary

Quality Glass Railing Hardware

They call them glass railings because the glass is what you see (or don’t see as the case may be!) But there’s more to a great glass railing than just the glass itself. Our design team can advise you about your post and rail options. We have a huge variety of glass railing fittings, hardware and more. Because every glass railing is made to measure, we can do exactly what you like with yours! Glass Railings Calgary

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